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3D Animation Services

In terms of 3D Animations and general 3D the following services are offered. Whether the requirement is for stills, or animation. Simple or Photorealistic rendering. Get in contact to discuss your requirements.

Architectural visualization

gugg wip 03 t These projects include Exterior rendering, interior rendering (Floorplan rendering) and landscape creation including vegetation. Some were created using floor plans/site plans, other were created from concept sketches/photos.
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Product Visualization

racer 02 t These projects include product Visualizations for, objects ranging from ovens, to simple devices like Satnavs, to cars. They are rendered to broadcast/cinemati quality. In some instances the models are created from scratch, or, provided by the client as a CAD model.
Another type of popular animation is manufacturing process animations. These describe how a manufacturing process works.
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Character Design

shiva rig 03 tThese projects are concepts brought to life in 3D. They are mostly humanoid models. Each model has the correct topological flow, for animation purposes. Most of the models were strated off in ZBrush, where they were detailed, then retopologised, the relevant maps created, then the models went to Maya or 3DSMax, to be rigged and rendered using VRay or Mental Ray.
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Medical Visualisation

These projects include animations to demonstrate medical procedures as well the processes that occur in the body due to medications/drug therapies.

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3D Explainer Videos

These have predominantly been 3D explainer videos, in most instances they are used to describe manufacturing, or mechanical processes, or to demonstrate how the components in an appliance work. Any work carried out under a NDA is never shown on this site.

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