gugg wip 03 t These projects include Exterior rendering, interior rendering (Floorplan rendering) and landscape creation including vegetation. Some were created using floor plans/site plans, other were created from concept sketches/photos.
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Virtual Reality lounge

This project involved the creation of a stereoscopic VR scene, in the form of a lounge, to be used by the client as a landing page. WebGL, was used on their website to display things.

Nasa Control room Visualisation for VR

This project involved the creation of vintage Nasa style consoles and room for a VR project. Created using Maya, Arnold and Rhino.

 zen garden 01

Creating an architectural visualisation of a Zen garden with temple. With an emphasis on creating more realistic vegetation, with an emphasis on landscape architecural visualization.

 gugg wip 03

Was featured in a new Sony Ericsson W715 launch campaign in Spain and Portugal. Created using a basic set of plans and reference images gathered from the internet.

arnold 640 01

Working with a private client on a conceptual project for this famous Russian building based in Moscow, I have been responsible for creating a 3D exterior replica from assets available on the internet only.

bp 01Full 3D exterior shot, recreating a futuristic settlement Martian terrain. I have been responsibe for: