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Character Design Projects

Mistress Desire

A personal project, to demonstrate my character design and creation skills. The Woman represents desire, the severed head is the consequence of clinging to desire. ie death. And the backdrop which is a deserted undepass represents the "road of life". Desire in itself is benign/neutral, its what we make of it that determines whether it kills us. .

  1. The character design departs from the usual design of very muscular or emaciated/striated characters, to a style reminiscent of the work of Rubens and Caravaggio.
  2. The base mesh was modelled in Maya, detailed in ZBrush
  3. Textures painted in ZBrush and Photoshop.
  4. Lighting is a simple 3 point light setup. The renders are directly from ZBrush for a painterly feel.