3D Animation Services

With over 15 years of industry expertise we offer 3d animation services, which are professional, reliable, fairly priced and timely.

Clients are kept in the loop and involved, in each stage of the process until their creative vision is achieved. We also offer a graphic and web design service .

Working with clients worldwide, our London animation studio, offers the services below.

Previous clients have included SMEG, Sony Ericsson and Armani, to name a few. So whether you're a startup, a SME or an established brand, our UK based services can help you create a 3d visualisation, that adds value to your brand and marketing efforts. Contact us to learn more: 

3d Visualisation Studio London UK

Our London studio offers the following Services. We regularly work on 3d visualisation projects, with Agencies, SME's Large brands and Entrepreneurs. Each project is worked upon in a unique fashion, depending on client objectives. We ensure smooth communication, and consistent delivery, from concept creation to final output.

Product Visualisation

Visualisation of new product concepts, or existing products. Creation of photo real 3D stills or animations, which can be used for marketing, or crowd funding projects.

Medical Visualisation

Presenting micro biological processes, in an engaging visual format, using the latest in 3d sculpting and render techniques, to create detailed engaging animations and stills. Ideal for Lay audiences, as well as professional peers.

Technical Animation

This includes explainer videos. Present complex technical concepts in an easy to understand, and engaging format.

Architectural Visualisation

Interiors, exteriors and vegetation. In a photorealistic format.

Film & Vfx

Integration of CGI into live footage, Set Replacement in 3D, Compositing, Rotoscoping, Tracking, Keying, Grading

Organic Modeling

Creation of sculptures, or character designs which can be used in illustrations, or for 3D print.

A few of the brands we've worked with

 Beats Logo  armani logo  hulu logo sony ericsson logo 
 eaton logo  engie logo  London underground logo  SMEG ovens


3D medical Animation Project - Testimonial

"Really easy to work with and great quality results. Thanks!" -Edward T - London

Game 3D Design - Testimonial

"George works fast, pays attention to detail and keeps you updated throughout the job. Excellent work!" - Ilse F - Holland

Headphones 3d Animation - Testimonial

"Fantastic work. Good communication all through the process" - Steven A - London


3D animation showreel demonstrating my skills, based on past projects. Click above to view streamed version

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How can 3D animation help my business grow?

As the emphasis on video grows, 3d animation, is being more widely by all types businesses. From SMEs, to large corporations. It is the perfect tool, in order to, showcase new ideas, or existing products, services, processes. Video has been shown to consistently acquire better results, in terms of, customer engagement and education.
This directly affects sales and returns on investment.

3D renders, are now routinely replacing photography, in many areas. Almost all automotive, property and even food images are now created using 3D.
3D/CGI allows for a level of flexibility, that traditional photography/video cannot.
With the same technology, that is used in motion pictures we are now able to bring that same level of realism, to products/buildings/any object at a considerably lower cost.

So whether you're planning a set of new product images, a new advert, or a social media campaign, or even a VR or AR, setup. 3D imagery and animation, is an integral part of this. With our expertise and knowledge, we are well placed to guide you in navigating this new landscape.
We are more than happy to discuss your individual needs, and provide a 3d animation service, that best meets your business goals and objectives. As an end result, you get a set of images, or video, or content for VR/AR. That presents your offering in the best light possible.

What does a 3D animator do

3d animation services in the UK vary a great deal. The breadth of what 3D animation can cover, means there could be a large variation, in what each studio specialises in. 

We specialise in product animation for instance. But also work in areas as wide as film/vfx, VR/AR etc. So it really comes down to the artist, and the tenure of their experience.
Most London animation studios, are one man bands. Though they use "branded" company names, to lend more credibility to their setup. The areas that 3d animation can cover are:

  1. Product animation
  2. Architectual visualisation
  3. Scientific animations
  4. Character animation
  5. Explainer Videos

Choosing amongst the animation companies in London

In order to successful commission any 3d animation work use the criteria below to decide, which company to go with:

    1. What area does the project cover: Does the provider have something similar on their portfolio/reel? For example, if you're looking for car animations, do they have automotive projects on their work.
    2. What level of quality are you after? Simple 3d that simply demonstrates a process. Or glossy photorealism and sophistication. Once again. Take a look at their work, to see if they cover that. If you aren't sure. Take a look at the projects your competitors are running. What sort of detail do they have in those?
    3. Following on from this. Do you have a budget that will support the level of detail you are after?
    4. If your project happens to be important. And all projects are important. Does the company share the same values, with regards to delivery and the production process, that would ensure the project runs smoothly. This covers their style of communication. Their project managment. Their ability to interpret your brief. Things to consider here, is that differet countries, have different cultures and communication styles. What might be considered, adequate or good in a place like India or Brazil, might not fulfil the same criteria as in the UK.

Portfolios don't always tell the whole story. Do look at independent testimonials.

A better way than this is to run a short paid project with the provider. This will give you a feel of what they're like to work with. Do they respond on time?, Are they clear in establishing requirements? Do they deliver on what you expected?