• Armani cityscape visualisation

    Armani Get Together

    Cityscape creation, and green screen for film project
  • Ahura Mazda 3d model

    Faravahar Sculpture

    Digital Sculpture of Ahura Mazda
  • The Zen Garden

    Architectural visualisation project
  • Phonaudio Headphones

    Product Visualisation
  • nasa control interior visulaisation

    Nasa Control Centre

    VR Interior project
  • Lamborghini Daiblo 3D model

    Lamborghini Diablo

    Lamborghini Diablo car Visualisation

3D Animation Services

We offer the following 3d animation services. Our aim, is to ensure, a high quality end product, delivered in a professional, reliable, fairly priced and timely manner. Clients are kept in the loop and involved, in each stage of the process. Our aim is to offer a design service, where the client's creative vision is achieved. And expectations, are exceeded and met. We also offer a graphic and web design service .

As the emphasis on video grows, 3d animation, is being more widely by businesses. It is the perfect tool, in order to, showcase new ideas, or existing products, services, or processes. Video has been shown to consistently acquire better results, in terms of, customer engagement and education. This directly affects sales and returns on investment.

3D renders, are now routinely replacing photography, in many areas. Almost all automotive, property and even food images are now created using 3D modelling techniques. 3D/CGI allows for a level of flexibility, that traditional photography/video cannot. With the same technology, that is used in motion pictures we are now able to bring that same level of photorealism, to products/buildings/any object at a considerably lower cost. To photograph or use video to capture some of these concepts would be far more costly. So whether you're planning a set of new product images, a new advert, or a social media campaign, or even a VR or AR, setup. 3D imagery and animation, is an integral part of this. With our expertise and knowledge, we are well placed to guide you in navigating this new landscape. Please take a look below at the various areas we cover. We are more than happy to discuss your individual needs, and provide a 3d animation service, that best meets your business goals and objectives. As an end result, you get a set of images, or video, or content for VR/AR. That presents your offering in the best light possible.

Product Visualisation

Visualisation of new product concepts, or existing products. Creation of photo real 3D stills or animations, which can be used for marketing, or crowd funding projects.

Medical Visualisation

Presenting micro biological processes, in an engaging visual format, using the latest in 3d sculpting and render techniques, to create detailed engaging animations and stills. Ideal for Lay audiences, as well as professional peers.

Technical Animation

This includes explainer videos. Present complex technical concepts in an easy to understand, and engaging format.

Architectural Visualisation

Interiors, exteriors and vegetation. In a photorealistic format.

Film & Vfx

Integration of CGI into live footage, Set Replacement in 3D, Compositing, Rotoscoping, Tracking, Keying, Grading

Organic Modeling

Creation of sculptures, or character designs which can be used in illustrations, or for 3D print.


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3D animation showreel demonstrating my skills, based on past projects. Click above to view streamed version


3D medical Animation Project - Testimonial

male avatar "Really easy to work with and great quality results. Thanks!" -Edward T - London

Game 3D Design - Testimonial

female avatar "George works fast, pays attention to detail and keeps you updated throughout the job. Excellent work!" - Ilse F - Holland

Headphones 3d Animation - Testimonial

male avatar "Fantastic work. Good communication all through the process" - Steven A - London