3D Explainer Videos

3d explainer videos, have primarily been used to describe and visually demonstrate industrial processes.

These are used by clients to better educate their staff internally on the processes that they employ. And externally for PR purposes.

With the growing trend towards green practices, and environmental care, a growing number of energy and now renewables companies now routinely employ them. They use them to demonstrate their commitment, to caring for the environment.

These 3d explainer videos, are also now being integrated and used in real time engines, to teach users how to operate given types of hardware. We recently completed a project where users were instructed on the steps to operating a CNC prototyping type of machine, using a hands on interactive presentation.
This means training becomes more portable and accessible. As well as an immersive experience. As VR, and AR, grow, this type of usage of explainer videos also grows.

Past projects have included unique scenarios, such as videos showing the creation of wine. Here the client described the process, and we built out the hardware and animation, using dynamics to show how it would look in real life.
For more complex processes, we sometimes use, manufacturer made models, which are prepared for animation, to recreate the process, with a high level of accuracy and detail.  Where a user can go through each step, and button press, involved in the process. If required.

These 3d videos, can also be used to show new industrial type processes or inventions, where the client may not wish to disclose exactly how the technology works, but its benefits, so that they gain buy in for their idea. We work with each client, to ensure the end product matches their expectations. We usually work with clients under NDA agreements. All video snippets shown below, were allowed by the clients under the NDA.

These types of videos are routinely employed by large compaines such as Engie etc.

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3d explainer video solar

Working with a US based client on a new technology based on solar energy. The project was completed under NDA, as the technology is prorietary, so we craeted a set of animations, to show the product, without actually demonstrating the mechanics, of how it would work.

benj cont t

3D animation created on behalf of a Chilean advertising agency for Eaton Servers. Demonstrating their mobile server units.


This was an animation, 5 mins long or so demonstrating an Urban asset management sytem. A real street in a UK town was used in the creation. Created using Sketchup, 3DSMax, Mental ray and After Effects.

showreel This project involved, the creation of a 3D explainer video, detailing the mechanism and process, of how solar energy is being generated, using recycled water.