Architectural Visualization

gugg wip 03 t These projects include Exterior rendering, interior rendering (Floorplan rendering) and landscape creation including vegetation. Some were created using floor plans/site plans, other were created from concept sketches/photos.
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House architectural visualization created using BlenderThis architectural exterior was created using a set of 2D plans. All modelling, texturing, rendering and lighting done in Blender. Final composite with Nuke.

The goal with these environmental concepts was to create a piece that captured the serenity that the premise of the app promised, while, attaining the frame rate requirements for a VR app running on the Oculus Quest 2 headset.

The approach adopted was to block out and create a high res environment in Blender. which can be seen below. I did try and then create another concept exclusively in unity, using the High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP) system, but this did not hit the frame rate requirement. My final avenue was to use optimisation techniques to create something using the Universal Render Pipeline.

Bamboo Grove Walking Path - High Res in Blender

bamboo walking path based on Arashiyama shrine in Japan

Photorealistic bathroom

This Bathroom design project was created for a Canadian bath-tub manufacturer. The client wished to show the bath tub design in a lifestyle setting. The initial modelling of the tub, was done in Rhinoceros (Rhino 3D) from CAD plans, and the still render above was created in 3DSMax and Vray.

Virtual Reality lounge

This project involved the creation of a stereoscopic VR scene, in the form of a lounge,

Nasa Control room Visualisation for VR

This project involved the creation of vintage Nasa style consoles and room for a VR project. Created using Maya, Arnold and Rhino.

Zen garden 3d

This project involved the creation of a Zen Garden 3d model, for an architectural exterior piece. The objective was to create a temple with realistic vegetation, and the features normally found in a Zen Garden. To create an atmosphere of serentity.

 zen garden 01

The piece contains, a temple building, cherry blossom trees, and a rock garden, at the front.

Guggenheim 3d model

This project involved the creation of the Guggenheim 3d model, for the museum in Bilbao. The architectural model, was featured in a new Sony Ericsson W715 launch campaign in Spain and Portugal. All the initial modelling was done using visual reference gathered from what was available on the internet at the time. This consisted of visitor pictures of the Guggenheim 3d model, a few aerial elevations, and general information available on wikipedia.

guggenhein 3d model

All the initial organic shapes of the Guggenheim museum, were modelled in Maya with the nurbs modelling it had in place at the time. These were then converted into polygons, for further refinement. Creating the textures, especially the silver geometric fish scale texture for the guggenheim 3d model, was more tricky. It was also a challenge, to create the iridescent look on the reflective materials. The famous spider "Maman". Was created using polys. And


arnold 640 01

Working with a private client on a conceptual project for this famous Russian building based in Moscow, I have been responsible for creating a 3D exterior replica from assets available on the internet only.

Life on Mars

life on mars

This Life on Mars, Augmented Reality project was motivated, by the series "The Expanse". I'd originally created a Martian landscape project, where an asteroid hits back in 2011. There's been some buzz about getting to mars then, in a serious way. Mars, and the potential for human settlement on mars, has motivated a number of famous feature films. Mars attacks, Total Recall and now the Expanse. This project was originally craeted in Vue Xstreme, where a terrain map of mars, had been used to create a terrian. And a bio dome sphere, based on what was in the films was created. A basic cityscape, sits inside the dome. With somewhat futuristic looking buildings. And you have a space craft orbiting the scene.

The render above was created in Vue Xstreme, which now has a very good Global Illumination based render, and a node based advanced material editor, which lends some degree of relaism to the lighting.