Architectural Visualization

gugg wip 03 t These projects include Exterior rendering, interior rendering (Floorplan rendering) and landscape creation including vegetation. Some were created using floor plans/site plans, other were created from concept sketches/photos.
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Life on Mars

This Life on Mars, Augmented Reality project was motivated, by the series "The Expanse". I'd originally created a Martian landscape project, where an asteroid hits back in 2011. There's been some buzz about getting to mars then, in a serious way. Mars, and the potential for human settlement on mars, has motivated a number of famous feature films. Mars attacks, Total Recall and now the Expanse. This project was originally craeted in Vue Xstreme, where a terrain map of mars, had been used to create a terrian. And a bio dome sphere, based on what was in the films was created. A basic cityscape, sits inside the dome. With somewhat futuristic looking buildings. And you have a space craft orbiting the scene.

life on mars

The render above was created in Vue Xstreme, which now has a very good Global Illumination based render, and a node based advanced material editor, which lends some degree of relaism to the lighting.

td 01I have been responsible for the creation of an indoor environment for the following interactive series/game due for release on Windows 7 Phones.