Photorealistic bathroom

This Bathroom design project was created for a Canadian bath-tub manufacturer. The client wished to show the bath tub design in a lifestyle setting. The initial modelling of the tub, was done in Rhinoceros (Rhino 3D) from CAD plans, and the still render above was created in 3DSMax and Vray.

To better highlight the design from various angles, we took the 3dsmax models into Unreal Engine, and created 4 shaders.

  1. Floor tiles
  2. Room walls
  3. Porcelain
  4. Plant materials

The design objective for the bathroom was to keep things simple, and create a spacious, clean airy feel. The walls are white, with the exception of 1 wall, that has a "wallpaper" texture. The tub was highlighted, with a rock textured background. Lighting was created using IES lights. This helped to create the realistic light wash, and to create, the realism that comes from real world lights.

For compositional purposes, three opaque hanging lenses were created above the tub. Using the principle of threes, this draws the viewers attention to that area. Though it may not be something prcatical to add in a real life scenario. This added beauty and a point of attrcation to the eye, in an otherwise very simple setup. Which has turned out to be effective.

The idea behind rendering this in unreal, was to take advantage of the pseed of realtime rendering, and to create a cinematic, with a number of cuts.

Software used in this project:

  1. Rhinoceros for modelling
  2. 3dsmax and Vray for texturing and lighting
  3. Unreal engine for final render and cinematic

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