Character Design

These projects involve character design, for 3d animation and 3d print. The process and workflow involved in the creation of each type of project overlaps slightly, but then deviates at the point of final output.

How to design a character

We start out by discussing the concept, with the client. This involves, an element of storytelling. In fleshing out the character design,we discuss a backstory, personality, and based on those factors, we set out to the nest stage in the process.

Character design sketches

The process of character development starts with rough sketches. These provide information with regards to the physical attributes. Whether it will be humanois, or bipedal. Or something else altogtehr. based on the story developed, we design a set of attire. And finally we create an environment or backdrop that adds to the story. You can check out some character skteches here. The final result is a character sheet, detailing front and side views at a minimum. Sometimes the client will provide these. Once, the character design sheet is ready, we move to the next step.

3d modelling for character design

An initial mesh is created in a package like Zbrush, depending on whether the character is to be used in animation, still or for 3d print, we retopologise the mesh. For animation, the mesh requires a certain poly flow, to enable correct deformations. This mesh is then Uv'd and textured. And finally taken into a package like Maya and rigged. It would now be ready for animation

3D printing for character design

Once a mesh has been created in Zbrush. For 3d printing it is essential that we have the right dimensions and wall thickness. It is also essential that the topology be clean in that there are no overlapping polys. It is then textured where required. Once this has been taken care of, the mopdel can be hollowed, to save on material, and can also be cut into pieces, that can later be glued together after it is 3D printed/prototyped.
We sometimes recieve scan data from clients, which is then cleaned up, and prepared for 3d print. This can come from 3d scanners, or from photogrammetry.

Here are a few examples projects carried out in the past

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3D Tiger Model

This 3d tiger model, was created for 3d print purposes. We created it to be printed in copper, at a size of  around 15cm. It is based on the Siberian tiger, Siberian tigers are typically larger, than their other counterparts. Some can stand up on their hind legs, to a height of over 2 meters. So the measurements are proportional. To print something at over 2m, we would have needed to break up the model into parts, that could then be attached at the time of making the 3d print, for moulding purposes.

3d tiger model

Ahura Mazda Model - 3D Print Ready

This project involved the creation of the Ahura Mazda a famous symbol in Persian iconography. The archaeological model was initially sculpted in Zbrush, and refined, for 3d printing. It was then rendered photorealistically in Vray. We regularly work with clients to create sculptural, and archaeological models for 3D print. Putting in the time and effort to fully research the concept, gather appropriate reference, and to create a model, that accurately reflects the artifact.

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Avalokiteshvara: 3D model for Print

Avalokitesvara sculpture for 3D Print

Sculpture and re-design of a c10-c12 statue of Avalokiteshvara. The original Tibetan/Chinese statue had different proportions, this is my design of it, with more Greek style proportions.

Mara: Character design for animation

Mara Let them eat cake - Character Design

The piece is about death and rebirth (Mara), as it occurs in every mind moment. When there is sense contact, feeling arises, from feeling there is perception, based on that perception there is repeated action (Sankara/Mental patterns- Buddhist psychology). So the character design of the 3 women is driven by the concept of our

Succubus Nurse: Character Development

This succusbus nurse character model, was inspired by the concept of "The succubus". The concept departs from the standard gothic succubus characters to a sci-fi nurse type of entity.

In folklore the succubus, is a demon, that incarnates itself in a female form. It appears in mens dreams, and engages in sexual activity. Which ultimately results in death. Its male counterpart in the incubus

The inspiration for the concept came from a friend making a joke about a fever I was running. I said I'm so ill I need a nurse. And she replied, you need a "succubus nurse".

The concept was developed, through a backstory.

Succubus Nurse Character Design

The Winter Butterfly

Created for the feature film the Winter Butterfly.
In 2008/9 we were commissioned to create the 3d model for this film. Directed and produced by Marcus Tozini. The film, which is set in medieval Japan, tells the story, of lost love. Butterflies/insects, usually die out/hibernate underground during winter. So it would be rare to see one in reality.

The goal was to create something that was not quite photoreal, but a glowing mythical type butterfly.
See Trailer here: