3D Tiger Model

This 3d tiger model, was created for 3d print purposes. We created it to be printed in copper, at a size of  around 15cm. It is based on the Siberian tiger, Siberian tigers are typically larger, than their other counterparts. Some can stand up on their hind legs, to a height of over 2 meters. So the measurements are proportional. To print something at over 2m, we would have needed to break up the model into parts, that could then be attached at the time of making the 3d print, for moulding purposes.

3d tiger model

The challenge involved with creating this model, was creating the fur, stripes and whiskers. This was overcome by modelling those features in. The initial model was created in ZBrush, whiskers were created using fibre brushes. The mane around the face, was created using, geometry. Using a combination of poly painting, and deformations, the stripes were successfully created.

The render above, was created using Mental Ray. Using a simple studio lighting setup. And the results are realistic. The idea was to create a model in a sculptural style, rather than something realistic looking. Having said that the model can take a fur system like ornatrix, or Zbrush fibre mesh with a tiger skin texture.

The Zbrush mesh and topology can be seen here:

The model has a nice quad based topology, with correct edge flow, ideal for successful quaduped rigging. Here is a guide, on quadruped motion, typically looking at big cats. A faster method to animate the model would be to purchase or procure motion capture data, and then attach it to the rig. This is the mthod that is now typically used in motion pictures.

Here are a few more renders of the model. The model is available for use for get in touch to learn more.

tiger 3d model for print

 tiger 3d model for 3d print