Avalokiteshvara: 3D model for Print

Avalokitesvara sculpture for 3D Print

Sculpture and re-design of a c10-c12 statue of Avalokiteshvara. The original Tibetan/Chinese statue had different proportions, this is my design of it, with more Greek style proportions.

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Avalokitehvara, is revered in the Northern Buddhist world as the lord of compassion. Relieving the suffering of beings. I've tried to capture the calm, and serene, feel. The gesture, ie tilting to one side, in a contraposto position, suggests the ecstasy that comes from serenity. The ststues are usually made of gold, or coated with gold leaf. I've tried to recreate that with the shader.

  1. All modelling and detailing done in ZBrush, using ZSpheres, and other techniques.
  2. Final render with 3DSmax, Vray, using an area light setup