Mara: Character design for animation

Mara Let them eat cake - Character Design

The piece is about death and rebirth (Mara), as it occurs in every mind moment. When there is sense contact, feeling arises, from feeling there is perception, based on that perception there is repeated action (Sankara/Mental patterns- Buddhist psychology). So the character design of the 3 women is driven by the concept of our

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sensual appetites, driven by greed, hatred and delusion. Mara is the environment that gives rise to all the conditions. (The floor and steel tentacles digging into their heads.) And the cake is a pleasant sense object. And their eyes are closed because they can't see past this patterning or illusion.

  1. Created in Zbrush4 using zspheres
  2. Retopologised using ZBrush and Maya
  3. Textures painted in ZBrush and Photoshop.
  4. Rendering with Mental ray