Succubus Nurse: Character Development

This succusbus nurse character model, was inspired by the concept of "The succubus". The concept departs from the standard gothic succubus characters to a sci-fi nurse type of entity.

In folklore the succubus, is a demon, that incarnates itself in a female form. It appears in mens dreams, and engages in sexual activity. Which ultimately results in death. Its male counterpart in the incubus

The inspiration for the concept came from a friend making a joke about a fever I was running. I said I'm so ill I need a nurse. And she replied, you need a "succubus nurse".

The concept was developed, through a backstory.

Succubus Nurse Character Design

The character of the succubus, in my model. Is an attractive woman, who has suffered, a breakdown, through the loss of love. Her platinum blonde hair, is a sign, of extreme stress. Her "whited" out eyes, which only show a cludy cornea, could allude to blindness, induced through crying, leading to insanity.  Her attire was modelled on an S&M costume. So an outer armoured corset, with a PVC interior. The footwear is also from the fetish scene. Blocky shiny shoes.

The character itself is over 1.82m tall. Ectomorphic, but full figured. Adding to the story of the succubus. And attractive young female. The facial structure of the model was based off of Anne Vyalitsyna. The features were enhanced, such as making the eyes much larger. A more gaunt look in the face.

The original sculpt including the hair. And the armour, was created in ZBrush. This was then taken into Maya, and rendered using mental ray. The idea was to create a decrepid desolate environment. A cheesy room, as shown in Hollywood films.

As with any character development piece, what is important is an element of storytelling. A good backstory, gives all the 3d context. Check out the Mara piece here.

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  1. All modelling and detailing done in ZBrush, using ZSpheres, and other techniques.
  2. Hair created using ZBrush Fibermesh, and Maya Hair
  3. UV layout, rigging and posing in Maya
  4. Final render with Mental Ray/Vray, using an area light setup