Armani video couple embrace

I have been responsible for the creating of most of the CGI elements for this project. This has included:

  1. Modelling, creating new, and up-resing existing models for use in the project
  2. Laying out UVs approriately, then painting relevant texture maps in photoshop for all models
  3. Integrating and matchmoving live footage with the CG elements in Boujou, setting up cameras appropriately
  4. Creating the lighting using light rigs in order to create a solution that renders relatively fast
  5. Creating a dynamics simulation in order to simulate traffic flowing in streets using instancing
  6. Greenscreen clean up and compositing using Shake

The final render will be passed onto a famous production house for final touches to lighting etc. The output seen below is pre-composite shots.

LA cityscape by night image 01 LA cityscape by night image 02 LA cityscape by night image 03 LA cityscape by night image 04