shiva rig 03 tThese projects are concepts brought to life in 3D. They are mostly humanoid models. Each model has the correct topological flow, for animation purposes. Most of the models were strated off in ZBrush, where they were detailed, then retopologised, the relevant maps created, then the models went to Maya or 3DSMax, to be rigged and rendered using VRay or Mental Ray.
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Tiger sculpture for 3D Print This project involved the creation of a tiger model for 3D Print purposes.

Ahura Mazda 3D Sculpture

The concept behind this piece is based on Zorosastrianism, which was the religious philosophy of the Persian empire.

Avalokitesvara sculpture for 3D Print

Sculpture and re-design of a c10-c12 statue of Avalokiteshvara. The original Tibetan/Chinese statue had different proportions, this is my design of it, with more Greek style proportions.

Mara Let them eat cake - Character Design

The piece is about death and rebirth (Mara), as it occurs in every mind moment. When there is sense contact, feeling arises, from feeling there is perception, based on that perception there is repeated action (Sankara/Mental patterns- Buddhist psychology). So the character design of the 3 women is driven by the concept of our

The Winter Butterfly

Created for the feature film the Winter Butterfly. Directed by Marcus Tozini.

In 2008/9 we were commissioned to create the 3d model for the Winter Butterfly. For a film directed and produced by Marcus Tozini. The film, which is set in medieval Japan, tells the story, of lost love. Butterflies/insects, usually doie out/hibernate underground during winter. So it would be rare to see one in reality.