racer 02 t These projects include product Visualizations for, objects ranging from ovens, to simple devices like Satnavs, to cars. They are rendered to broadcast/cinematic quality. In some instances the models are created from scratch, or, provided by the client as a CAD model.
Another type of popular animation is manufacturing process animations. These describe how a manufacturing process works.
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In 2018, I worked we worked with a Flight Simulator texture design project, for a company rivalling Microsoft's flight simulator application. The task was to develop something more realistic. I was involved in creating over 500 airplane lights textures, each one specific to a different model of aircraft. Here is a short video with some of those lights textures in place. Used by the company FSReborn, in a promotional video.

Print designs for their promotion are here

ice cream 3d model

One in a series of food related logo shapes created for a Dutch agency working on behalf of a Netherlands based food retailer. Modelled and textured in Zbrush, final render with 3dsmax with Vray.

nappy 3d model

This project involved the creation of a nappy model for a major brand, to show absorbency. This would be demonstrated through an animation. Created using 3DSmax, Zbrush and Vray.

Yacht Design & Visualisation

I was commissioned to create a photorealistic visual of a yacht that was under construction from photographic reference of the partially built yacht.

shot 01

Smart dog collar design, created using Rhino, rendered with VRay. This project involved the design of a new invention, the smart dog collar. The aim was to visualize it, in order for the client to gain funding for mass manufacture.

pink 01

Modelled in Rhino and 3DSMax. Final rendering using VRay. Images created for print and web.

Smart Watch Product Visulaisation

Visualisation of a smart watch model. Texturing, rendering and lighting, with Vray/3dsMax, post production in Nuke and Photoshop.

Phonaudio headphones Product Visualisation

Working with an innovative manufacturer, with a product positioned, in the same segment as Bose. I have been responsible for the creation of a number of product explainer videos, highlighting the features and benefits of this innovative new product. Visualisations created using 3DSMax, VRay, Rhino, after effect and Nuke:

SMEG oven 3D visualisation

Product rendering project, using a CAD model provided by the manufacturer. The task involved converting the CAD files to a 3DSMax format, then texturing, lighting and shading the model in max, for render with mental Ray.