These projects cover animations as well as stills for 3d product visualisation. In some instances, the 3d product animations/stills were of existing products, where the marketer, need to gain a greater deal of engagement or visibility.

This process is also widely used by entrepreneurs looking to launch a new product. Where a physical product does not exist.
In this case, we work from sketches and ideas, to visualise what the product might look like. Once this is done, we create a 3d product visualisation, in the form of, a set of product stills. Or a product animation.
These can be 360 degree videos, showing the product from all angles, or, the product placed in a contextual/lifestyle environment. One example is a bathtub, in a bathroom environment, or a car, in an urban setting. This gives the product context, and users are more easily able to see how it would fit in with their needs.Quite often users will employ these animations in order to gain funding or gauge demand for the product through platforms such as kickstarter.

The next step if required, is to create a prototype model, with more exact measurements and tolerances. Clients will then usually send these away for prototyping/3d printing, so that they have a physical product to hand. Which can then be further refined and adjusted before final manufacture.

Another avenue in this process, is to hand scan/3d scan a product prototype, that may already have been built. Then, use that model to visualise the product. This workflow is slightly different. In this instance, we need to clean up the scan, built/rebuild it, so that the model can be used in native 3d packages for rendering purposes. The result is often a model, that can then be further built upon, refined, and then re-protoyped into a physical format. Some examples are here.

We've worked on a number of these types of projects, ranging from cars, boats, smart dog collars, Smart watches. etc. Please take a look at a few examples above. In some instances CAD models were available, in some we fabricated something for the client from scratch.

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Lamborghini Diablo Car visualisation

Created using high poly, nurbs and subD geometry. Created using a "patch" modelling approach. Texture and shading using Mental Ray, lighting created using a simple final gather cast.

Dauer 962 car visulaisation

Hi poly/SubD model, showing the exterior car body design of the famous Dauer 962 with final gather and white environment. Created using 2 ref. images only. No orthographic plans used.