car animation dauer 962

This 3D car animation was created for the Dauer 962. The model was originally created using Maya 2011, using Maya Sub Division surfaces. As maya 2018 no longer supports the SubD's from 2011, we exported the models as plain low res polys, to Blender, where additional modeling enhancements were made. The model was then taken into Unreal engine where materials were applied. Textures for the car and environment were created using Substance Painter, and Designer. The end result was this simple 3 shot animation that shows off the model


There were a few challenges along the way, firts with Maya, not being forward compatible with SubD surfaces created for the model in 2011. Exporting things to Blender, and using Blender subdivision surfaces, meant the original details in the model could be recaptured somewhat. Another challenge came with unreal engine. The depth of field feature would not actually marry up, in the viewport, vs the renderer. So we used a series of iterations to work out the accurate DOF."

Below is the original model created in 2011, rendered with Maya and Vray:

Dauer 962 car visulaisation