This project involved the creation of a 3D car animation. The model used was the Lamborghini Diablo. In Yellow.

Lamborghini Diablo Car visualisation

The car, was created using a "patch 3d modelling" method. This involves creating the model in a series of sections for each part of the chassis. So Modelling begins with the wheel well, then upwards and outwards. So the bumpers are modelled next then the window areas, the rear and then the roog. So we end up with a model, that replicates, the way a car is created in the real word. Using a series of "patches"

For this model, the initial mesh was created using Maya, approaching the modelling using Polygons,and subdivsion surfaces. The lighting texturing and rendering, was carried out using Mental Ray for Maya.

In terms of car animation the initial model, was of a the car driving along a road. This was achieved by rigging the wheels,using a rotation and propulsion system. In that rotation was controlled by distance. And the angle of the wheels turining contsrained to an orient constraint.

However to best show off the model, we used a simple turntable animation, which showed the car from all angles. For this we created a series of light rigs, to ensure the ebst lighting possible from all angles. This approach is often used with product animation

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