Phonaudio headphones Product Visualisation

Working with an innovative manufacturer, with a product positioned, in the same segment as Bose. The aim of this project was to create a few animations ,for Phonaudio headphones. Specifically one of their better selling models. The brief involved the creation of 3 animations. 1 animation of the product in a exploded view, one of the headphones, causing a piece of paper to vibrate. And the final, was a features video, highlighting the key features of the headphones. Visualisations created using 3DSMax, VRay, Rhino, after effect and Nuke:

For this project, the client provided the raw CAD files. The challenge though it may seem trivial was the creation of the "soft leather" texture for the headphones.

The textures were painted in photoshop from composites of various texture materials

The other chellenge was creating the animation where the headphones cause a piece of paper to vibrate.

This involved creating realistic paper, and simulating the motion, of paper vibrating subtly. Subtlety being the key here. In order to make the motion as natural as possible.

For the last animation we storyboarded out a sequence that highlighted the products benefits. The textured and lit models were thenanimated in small sequences, which was then composited together with, the clients choice of music. The animation can be seen below:


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