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This project involved the creation of a visualisation for the "Hairyworm Phonecase". The client had the physical product, but wished to show its durability, and flexibility. Traditional photography would not allow for the types of angles we created.
The client provided us with the Hairyworm Phonecases, for Android and IOS phones in 3 colours. We then made accurate 3d models of the phonecases in Rhino. These were then shaped to show how the case bends. Emphasizing the transparency. And the pattern of the design.
The final renders were carried out in 3dsmax with Vray, with custom studio lighting. To produce a photorealistic result. The phonecases were shown on their own. They were also exhibited with life sized models of the relevant Android and IOS phones, enclosed by the case.

The challenge ionvolved in the creation of these 3d product visualisations, involved, the deformation of the case. ie the bending. As shown below. As all the modelling was carried out in CAD, and things were made as separate pieces, bringing all this together, and maintain the integrity of the model as it was deformed was a challenge. This was successfully achieved though.

For more examples of this type of work please check out our product visualisation page.

Modelled in Rhino and 3DSMax. Final rendering using VRay. Images created for print and web. Full gallery below:

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