product visualisation in rhino and blender

I was recently commissioned to create some 3D product visualisations. While photography will always be key in advertising, more and more people are seeing the vlaue of product visualisations. You can capture dynamic angles, place the object anywhere in space. And add animation to the mix, and the possibilities are endless. Better engagement, better conversion, better returns.

Usually clients provide a CAD model, that already been precision modelled. Or in some instances they'll give me a 3D scan to clean up and use. In this instance the client only had the physical product. It was eithers end it to me, or to a photographer. I convinced him to try out the visualisation option first. a few still images later he was fully conviced.

To get the best results, I measured everything with a digital caliper. Haven't used one since high school. Created the CAD models in Rhino. Modelling with Nurbs, is a lost art. My first car model, was created in Maya using Nurbs surfaces. Its a different paradigm, as opposed to Poly modelling. It forces you to think differently, solve problems differently. I enjoy that. The mental kung fu, of modelling up an object is fun. Though you get precise bevels, holes, and the end product looks extremely crisp. All without multiple egde loops and the nightmare of booleans.

Took it into Vray/Max, because that's been my standard for this work for years. Then decided to try things in Blender. Getting the "Vray look", was easily achieved using the principal BSDF shader.. Not as detailed as the Vray material, but close enough. Animating the product for the visulisation was a challenge though. Blender still has some quirks with rotations and axis orientations.. So I had to find a woork around.. In the end though I spent abit more time on the research. I got it all done in Blender.

The 3D product animation can be seen below: