3D animation showreel demonstrating my skills, based on past projects. Click above to view streamed version

  • If you are unable to view the showreel get in touch here
  1. Armani get together:Created a digital Twin of downtown LA, matchmoved cameras, green screen cleanup and integration with back plate using Shake and Maya
  2. Rock Video Project: Working with a very poorly lit greenscreen, created a digital set, green screen cleanup, matchmoving, and integration of live footage with 3D. Used Nuke, 3dsmax, VRay
  3. Product Visualisation: Phonaudio headphones, created using 3DSMax, Rhino, Vray, After Effects and Nuke
  4. Dauer 962 Realtime Cinematic, created using maya, Unreal Engine 4.
  5. Ford Bronco turntable. Created using 3dsmax, Vray, Nuke
  6. Power Plant Digital Twin, Created using Blender, Maya, Nuke
  7. Life on Mars Augmented Reality, craeted using Vue, Lens studio