3DSMax 2018 to Blender 2.82 [2020]

3dsmax to blender


This piece covers a series of tutorials on how to transition, or begin, with 3dsmax to Blender 2.82. The methodology, is to take the workflow and tools found in 3dsmax and apply them to Blender 2.82. The challenge when learning something like Blender as a max user, more than understanding the functionality of the package, is to understand the tools. Their particular way of working and their quirks. Blender, as an opensource tool, has seen a large change to the User Interface with the upgrade to 2.8 series.

Even though there is an extensive amount of learning material on Blender freely available online, and in the form of some very good paid content. This upgrade and changes to the UI, mean, that alot of the tool settings have been moved or changed.

As a caveat to any readers/viewers, I do not claim to be an expert at Blender, I do have 15 years experience working with 3d software, so understand workflows and tools.

I have structured this series of tutorials, in a way that would allow a 3dsmax user, to gain an understanding, of the core tools that would allow one, to begin to get a basic grasp of blender, in a series of short tutorials. Their next step should be to seek out experts in the Blender community, to further their knowedge.

This piece consists of the following tutorials and sections:

  1. 3D Navigation and viewport
  2. Selection Tools
  3. Transform Tools
  4. Object Creation
  5. Pivots and the coordinate System
  6. Component level pivots
  7. The 3D Cursor in Blender
  8. Align Tools and Units setup
  9. Basic Polygon Modelling (Box Modelling)

3D Artist: A guide to getting through the Covid 19 Lockdown

As a 3D artist you may either find yourself inundated with projects, or have seen your work stream dry out, due to the lockdown.

Personally I have been fortunate to have regular work from past clients and even some new work. But with the lockdown coming into force, I've found I have more time that I previously used for leisure activities, to enrich and add to my skillset.