What is the best 3D animation software to learn

What is the best 3d animation software to learn?

The question: "what is the best 3d animation software?" is one that is asked repeatedly. Without a definitive answer. Because there isn't one.

A better question to ask, would be, what is the best 3D animation software for me? Based on my creation goals, my career objectives, the organisation I may potentially want to work for.

Green Screens and Lemons : Case study on complex greenscreen cleanup

green screens and lemons

There was a time, when shooting sequences on green screen, and creating avatar type films was the domain of large production houses. With dedicated studios, and armies of vfx artists to make it all come to life. 

Fast forward approximately 10 years, and green screen shots are everywhere, from news studios, to cheesy Bollywood tele-serials. The quality may be somewhat questionable.