Install ADB drivers on Windows 7 for Oculus Quest 2 to test unity VR

To Install Adb drivers to test a Unity VR app on Oculus Quest 2, this method can also be used if you want to install SideQuest in order to play games on your Quest 2. The installation instructions from Oculus do not work hence this workaround.

There are a couple of steps involved:

  1. Obtaining the Adb driver
  2. Installing the Adb driver
  3. Resolving the error code 10

The steps in the process can be roughly followed from here: https://developer.oculus.com/documentation/unity/unity-overview/

Obtaining the Adb driver

Head over to:


To download the Adb drivers for Oculus.

If you have Android Studio already installed, you can add a module for Google USB driver, and it does the same thing as above.
The easier method is to download from the Oculus site.

Installing the ADB driver to Windows 7:

The instructions on the Oculus documentation recommend, right clicking on the inf file in the driver to install but this does not work on Windows 7.

A workaround is suggested here: https://www.reddit.com/r/OculusQuest/comments/c8qpxu/installing_oculus_goquest_adb_drivers_on_windows/

The steps detailed are:

  1. Click on the Start button and type in "Device Manager" and select the Device Manager application

  2. Select "Action" from the top toolbar and then click "Add legacy hardware" which will open a wizard

  3. In the Wizard click "Next" on the first page

  4. On the second page: select the option "Install the hardware that I manually select from a list (Advanced)" and then click "Next"

  5. On the third page make sure "Show All Devices" is highlighted in the "Common hardware types:" box and select "Next"

  6. On the fourth page select "Have Disk..." button, then in the dialogue box that pops up select "Browse..." to search for where you saved the "android_winusb.inf" file and select this, then click "OK" back in the dialogue box, and then "Next"

  7. On the fifth page select "Next" which will install the .inf

  8. On the sixth page click "Finish" and you are done! Would suggest rebooting the computer and then try plugging in your Quest

This method works but you end up with an error 10 message. "The device cannot be started"

One solution to resolve this can be found here: https://forums.oculusvr.com/t5/Oculus-Quest-2-and-Quest/Quest-2-USB-not-recognizing-This-device-cannot-start-Code-10/td-p/846519
You go to  C:\Users\[USERNAME]\.android, and delete  adbkey & adbkey.pub, and restart. This did not work for me.

Resolving the error 10

The way I resolved this issue was to go into the device manager:

Under other devices: You see ADB Interface and XRSP Interface

Under Samsung Android Phone: Oculus ADB Interface

For each of these items:

  1. Right Click: Click Update driver
  2. Browse My Computer for driver software
  3. Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer
  4. From the list pick Android Samsung Phone
  5. This provides a list of Adb drivers: Android ADB driver Interace, Android Bootloader Interace, Android Composite Adb Interface
  6. For the 1st item under other devices pick: Android Adb driver
  7. For the XRSP conflict, pick the Android bootloader interace
  8. You will now have 2 Android ADB driver interace items under samsung phone. Uninstall the one with the error 10 code. Leaving one Working interace
  9. Reboot and you should now be able to connect the Oculus to Unity