Redesigning the Bronco Experience for the 21st Century


In early 2018, I was commissioned to work with a product owner at the Bronco Motor Corporation, in Arizona. To assist with developing a number of product lines, and to work on building out a UX strategy and implementation plan. The Goal of the UX implementation as a first step in the process was to test out the prototyped product, in terms of the demand for it, and in order to further define the product offering, in order to meet user needs more closely.

bronco 21 century

The Vintage Ford Bronco market is extremely niche, with a maximum of 25 vehicles sold a year, at an average price of $200,000 each. Recent years have seen a resurgence in people buying and restoring cars from the 1960s - 70s . I was to learn that the Ford Bronco, the 70s version is a cult classic, that has appeared in a number of feature films including Easy Rider, and more recently the series "Yellowstone", starring Kevin Costner. This factor enforced the need to create an offering that would closely match what users want. Failure to do so would be highly costly. Hence, the approach of treading cautiously, and a first step of testing the proposition.

As this project was carried out under NDA, I have excluded any details that would contravene the terms.

Satori - A VR Meditation app - UX Case Study


In the week beginning 11 March 2021, in the UK, ITV news reported that over 50% of front line workers were suffering from some level of PTSD (Post traumatic stress disorder). In the wake of the COVID 19 pandemic, that has run for over 1 year. With a rise in Anxiety and Stress, the purpose of this project, was to employ the immersive qualities of VR, to alleviate stress and anxiety through a meditation app. There are  numerous meditation apps, on mobile, and a few on VR, my research showed, that users were often confused, and overwhelmed by them usually due to poor product design and UX considerations. 
The purpose of this project was to design a meditation experience that was authentic, and true to the principles of meditation. Accounting for a pleasant user experience, and a good product design.

VR UX meditation

Carlitos Wafers A UX case study


This case study is based on a cafe, within a the office block of a large multinational, outside of the M25 corridor. So due to the location of the offices, this was the only shop selling any kind of refreshments. Due to COVID 19 measures which were put into place when some offices opened up in 2020/21, due to social dancing, and a limit on the number of people who could congregate in a venue, the queues of people buying at the cafe grew quite long. This case study looks to address that problem.carlitos wafers ux case study cover image