These projects include static HTML/CSS sites as well as sites running on CMS systems like Joomla.

riozoukfusion logo

  1. riozoukfusion.co.uk
  2. Site for a Dance company, specialising in Brazilian Zouk
  3. Brand Image projected: Fun, funky, romantic
  4. Build using a CMS system. This has included template modification/editing, image creation, layout setup. The client is resposnible for the copy.

eyedoc.org logo

  1. Eyedoc.org.uk
  2. Site for a top Harley Street eye surgeon specialising in children's eyes
  3. Brand Image projected: Clinical, clean, efficient, trustworthy, reliable
  4. Build with a CMS system, this has included, creating a template from scratch. CSS1/2 to meet usability guidelines for visually impaired visitors

c21 t

  1. Love in the 21st Century
  2. Flash based cartoon animation project- Currently a work in progress, new clips added regularly
  3. Employing flash vector graphics only, the aim is to create a non photorealsitic look
  4. A "fun" approach to love & romance targeted at an audience of 15yrs - 65yrs
  5. Character concept sketches can be seen here , see Dutt girl and Latino boy